Our Mission

Our Mission

We are Bookkeepers for Bookkeepers.

With over 35 years of bookkeeping and business experience, our mandate is to pass on what we know to others who have the desire to be great bookkeepers.  In just over 11 years we not only opened our first corporation but grew it to having a few hundred clients and turned it into a sellable commodity.  That is just what we did.  We sold our bookkeeping firm in 2013.

Now our mission is to support bookkeepers everywhere and help you grow to your fullest potential.  Bookkeeping is a fabulous and valuable industry to be in.  Bookkeepers are essential for businesses all over the world.

We are here to help all bookkeepers. Students, job seekers, bookkeepers already in the field and freelance bookkeepers.  Our experience is real world at its best.  Live and breathe what actually happens in business and learn how to deal with it.

Join in, listen to our webinars and even collaborate with us.  Be a part of bookkeepers helping to strengthen the industry worldwide.

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